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Kai Kramer lived in a hermitage in 1996, during which time he was exposed to meditation, yoga and natural healing modalities. Kai expanded upon this training by receiving a medical license in Integrative Manual Therapy (Bodywork) in 1998, and a BS degree in Holistic Medicine with the Clayton College of Natural Health in 2008.  Kai maintains a loyal clientele, and has given over 40 presentations to numerous social clubs on a variety of health and spiritual topics, culminating in an instructor position at the Life Long Learning College between 2009-2012. 

Kai's interest in ancient wisdom streams lead to his induction into the Yehidah Order (a mystical Gnostic-Christian society which was a forerunner to the Rosicrucians), and the Hawaiian Energetics/Elemental Healing kahuna lineage of Nelita Anderson and Ed Kaleolani Spencer. Kai is a teacher of the Diamond Body Lotus training as pioneered by terton Ananda Bosman. Kai is also the lead coordinator for the Orlando Meditation Group, and sits on the board of a music production company that promotes 432 Hertz musical scaling.  He lives with his wife and two daughters in Orlando, FL.


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Yoga is the science of God communion. By mastering mind, body and breath, a yogi is able to reconnect with his or her soul nature. The physical side of yoga, or asana, predominates in our Western culture. The designation "yogasana" is more inclusive, encompassing both yoga's spiritual aspects and the physical components of poses and postures that lead to greater bodily ease and youthfulness.

Sitting is now considered a disease of modern society. Motion is lotion for the joints. Excessive motion as promoted by more flow-based yogasana styles, however, can often lead to injuries of the neck, knees and hips, and doesn't effectively stretch the tendons and connective tissue.  Yin or restorative yogasana styles, in which poses are held comfortably for many minutes, achieves better elongation of these tissues, but also has shortcomings. Man is a creature of movement, and a one-sided emphasis on passive postures can lead to neuromuscular weakness and injuries as one moves in and out of poses. True balance is achieved in a combination of both active and passive strengthening-stretching styles. Additionally, many yoga teachers have students assume poses that exacerbate poor postural habits.  Lengthening already loose muscles and tightening taunt muscles leads to physical instability and potential injury.  The ideal, well-rounded asana routine engages the muscles, tendons, fascia, nervous system, skeletal system and even the subtle energetic components of our being.  This is body fashioning.  This is yogasana.

Kai's yoga style applies his 20+ years in massage therapy assisting athletes and the elderly.  He also utilizes his education in Feldenkrais, Egoscue Method and WholeBody View for releasing restrictive bodymind patterns to promote optimal mobility and performance. During his monastic experience, Kai was trained in both Hatha yoga and Raja yoga.  Kai is also certified in Svaroopa yoga and Applied Yoga Integration.  Aspects from his training in Supreme Science Qigong, Hawaiian Energetics and Ipsalu Kriya Tantra also find expression and utilization in his unique yoga style.  Kai is available to teach classes and individual sessions. 

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As a person focuses on improving their physical well-being, he or she naturally progresses in giving consideration to the qualities of their environment. Does one's home or office have "sick building syndrome? "  Or is the space chemically, energetically and structurally safe and life enhancing?  Answering that question is the goal of Building Biology. There are definitely benefits to having a qualified building biologist inspect one's living space.  However, a modicum of online research can provide a novice the basics in mitigating indoor air pollution from VOCs, mold and toxic cleaning products; light pollution from CFLs and blue LEDs; water pollution from municipal sources or well water.  Furthermore, there has been greater awareness in the last two decades regarding the debilitating effects of electromagnetic smog and "dirty EMFs" within the home. Correcting or reducing these energetic stressors goes a long way in improving sleep, mood, vitality and immunity. 


There are other subtle energetic influences less understood in Building Biology that can have a cumulative impact on the health and harmony of one's living space. Ancient man was more sensitive to the stellar and telluric currents of his natural environment, and built dwellings and temples accordingly. What ancient man called dragon lines or ley lines, are known today as Hartmann, Benker and Curry lines. Sacred structures were built upon power spots in order to harness subtle forces that were then amplified geometrically with gates and distributed via roads to homes in a grid pattern. Much of this knowledge has been lost or under utilized by modern architects and city planners.  Geobiology incorporates the more esoteric side of Building Biology. 


Kai's educational background in the science of Geobiology consists of BioGeometry, Vastu and Gravitobiology.  BioGeometry evolved out of the Egyptian mystery schools and is the language of nature.  Nature communicates with us via shape, number, color, sound and orientation.  BioGeometry applies a form of dowsing called "vibrational radisthesia" to detect harmful energy qualities due to location, architecture and the earth grid. BioGeometry provides solutions to transmute these toxic signatures into characteristics beneficial to life so that one is communicating in harmony with nature. 


Vastu is the Vedic understanding of building design that seeks to place occupants in alignment with the subtle influences of the planets and elemental energies. People often find debilitating conditions in finance, health, relationships, career and spirituality greatly improve when Vastu corrections are performed.  The 2003 Cedar Fire in Ramona, California, destroyed 2,232 homes, but the houses built on the principles of Vastu remained spared as if the fire purposely and inexplicably avoided these domiciles.  Vastu is similar, but not identical, to the Chinese geomancing system of Feng Shui. Both systems view buildings as a "living organism."

Gravitobiology is a new field in biophysics. Tom Bearden defines Gravitobiology as "the application of a unified field theory conception  of electromagnetics and gravitation to the total energetic exchanges between a living organism and its external approaches a complete holographic situation: the part exchanges with and conditions the whole, and the whole exchanges with and conditions the part." Gravitobiology attempts to reduce the entropy experienced in living spaces. The placement of special rods or earth acupuncture needles around a property can assist with reducing entropy.

A person upon entering their home should feel hugged not smothered, peaceful not restless. If you believe the next step on your wellness journey is to have your house evaluated and rectified, Kai may be reached through his contact info for consultation in Geobiological compliance.

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Kai has a background in journalism, and has written several freelance wellness articles. Kai is currently crafting a nonfiction manuscript slated for publication in 2022 entitled Ajivika: Journey to Sagehood. The following is a synopsis from the book's insert:

Ajivikism was the second most prominent religion in ancient India, yet today remains relatively unknown, its spiritual legacy forgotten but not extinguished. Ajivikas epitomized the ascetic tradition that seeded Buddhism and Jainism, only to be distorted, denigrated, and later dwarfed by these two rival schools.  Ajivikas were the religious rebels of their era, wandering apart from society, pursuing yogic disciplines, tantric rituals and a contemplative lifestyle.  Ajivikas epitomized the ideal characteristics of the sage, their heritage echos back to us today, demanding a revisitation of this seminal tradition that lasted more than two thousand years. This manuscript seeks to correct the misconceptions surrounding Ajivika philosophy and practices, and to explore their spiritual science in light of recent advancements in physics, ontology and cosmology.  This book is not just a scholarly investigation into an arcane society, but a guide to advance man toward his supreme sovereign nature. 

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